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The 16th Annual Stop the Violence Basketball Tournament® is on July 20th & 21st, 2024. It will be held at Denbigh High School in Newport News VA, (This is not a school event). There is 2 inside gyms we will be using for the tournament (2 games going on at one time.). This is a 2-day, double elimination basketball tournament between 16 teams.

Please read over our terms before you sign up for this event.

  • Each team must have at least 6 players, (Men, 18yrs & up, in order to qualify to play in the tournament.**Not to exceed 11 players per team**.
  • Teams are allowed up to 2 coaches, to coach their games and that does not affect the maximum allowed to the team rule. However, if there are 11 players and a coach, the coach cannot act as an additional player, playing in the basketball game.
  • The full fee for team registration per basketball team is $220 to participate. **Team spots are first come, first served.**
  • The nonrefundable $100 deposit due at sign up option has expired effective June 5th. All teams who signed up for this option, payment info. have been sent out. (You can still register w/ the two other options until spots sell out.)
  •  FYI: Once balance has been paid in full, the total amount is now also nonrefundable as well.
  • If you want jerseys included with your registration, the fee is $400 and must be paid in full at time of payment. You will  have to register/pay for this option at least 1 month in advance. The option will not be available on the site effective June 15th, 2024. FYI: Once this balance is paid, its also nonrefundable.
  • **ATTENTION: After June 5th, the deposit option goes away & you must pay full amount of $220 upfront or the jerseys included option for $400 until spots are full.

**Early bird registration and price is over. All communication to those who signed up during that time has already been sent out to the email & number's on file.

  • All teammates on the same team must have the exact same team jersey tops (uniformed t-shirts are allowed as team jerseys). NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE! We reserve the right to fine the team or forfeit the game, if jerseys/shirts do not match. 
  • Only teammates listed on your roster; that you will turn in at least one day prior to the tournament date, are permitted to play in the tournament games. NO EXCEPTIONS! If changes need to be made to your roster, please call us at 757-349-6806 or email: stvbball@gmail.com to make the necessary changes.
  • **No player(s) can play on more than 1 team during this tournament. Also, if your team lose out in the tournament, a player from the losing team cannot go to another team to play. Please be advise this is cause for a forfeit of the game by doing so.**
  • Only teammates and coaches listed on rosters are permitted free entry on tournament dates. All other family & friends shall pay the entry fee and need to enter into the public doors, not the doors for players only.
  • We ask all players & coaches arrive one hour prior to their scheduled game times, so check-ins can go as smooth as possible.
  • Please understand that we will not tolerate any fighting, arguing, or any other Inappropriate/violent behavior from the teams while on the premises during this event. Doing so will result in being kicked out of the tournament games and from future Stop the Violence Basketball Tournament® events.
  • First place winners will receive a team championship trophy.

I have read and understood the above. I further understand that the use of the school facilities must be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the High School. This contract will also be terminated, at the discretion of the Stop the Violence Basketball Tournament® Director, should a player/team members display inappropriate behavior. We look forward to hosting your team this year.

Good luck teams,

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