Vloggers, Photographers & Other Media

Thank you for your interest in our basketball event. We look forward to having you participate this year. Please fill out the submission form below to attend the Stop The Violence Basketball Tournament®

Once your submission is approved (takes up to 24-48hrs), please be advised that entry into the event will be no fee. There is a door for media to enter, use that door for entering. Upon entry, please give your first and last name and your media pass will be issued to you at that door. Please use the best contact info. you can be reached at as well as your social media handle as this is what we'll use to look you and your profession up to make sure you are what you selected. Media passes are only issued to the media person applying, your friends and family will not be allowed to use your pass and your approved pass does not grant them free entry either. Your friends and family must use public door for entry, separate from the media door.

This form is not a vendor submission. Vendors will use a vendor application.

Disclaimer- We reserve the right to use your footage (video & photography) of this event, on our social media's, website and press articles, etc. We will credit you in our post if we use any of your footage. Any further questions or concerns please call us at 757-349-6806